MGTOW's Roadblock part 1
Ava Brighton     Published: 2020-04-20T07:00:00Z
This is the first part of a two part video. The second video will take up to two weeks to be finished and online. MGTOW´s Roadblock (but also just for all men) - Is the way men are going being blocked by something we didn't see coming?
Has the feminist agenda become over-exposed by the same powers censoring MRA?
Are this even feminists?

Regardless of who is orchestrating it all, a terrifying dystopia is being created in which boys and men will have hell to look forward to.
MGTOW's Roadblock will consist of two parts. In this first part I will try to explain the dangers of the new laws and future laws which are being conjured up to deprive all men of their few remaining rights and how this might severely affect men and even men going their own way.

And lastly, I intent to make these videos for the men whom are not too well-versed (yet) in this kind of material.

*Note: Irradicate is Eradicate. My mistake.

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