Leftist women love Islam - MGTOW
Mission     Published: 2020-02-05T22:33:09.000Z
In this video we tie popular theories in evolutionary psychology to explain the seemingly inconsistent behavior exhibited by leftist women in Western civilization. This is a MGTOW (men going their own way) and redpill channel.

In regards to this video: women support Islam in order to create chaos, destabilize and tear down 'patriarchal social hierarchies' AKA ones that challenge her open hypergamy and female reproductive strategy in favor of male reproductive strategy. They exhibit this behavior up until the point that the chaos itself becomes a threat (ie: real physical and existential danger or the new hierarchy gains control) at which point they support the ''white knights'' (Western liberal/patriarchal males and social systems).

In the case with family/ conservative women and traditionally in the written history of human civilization - women have opted to side with promoting family values as it satisfies many of their needs when it comes to finding a loyal male partner. (safety/ security/ resources)

The more and more independent women become in regards to safety/security/ resources, the more we will see them attempting to pro-actively destabilize and destroy social hierarchies, cultures and societies (especially ones that advocate for male interests) in order to advance their own individual interests and to promote their own sexual strategy at the expense of men.

Understanding these theories helps you relate to the biological feelings you have as a man and how they contrast with the biological driving forces that women feel -- this then paints a very clear picture of why women exhibit the behavior they do.

Hypergamy (women having the control to choose the best mate possible as well as having total control over her reproduction is deeply wired into her biological programming in ways that do not exist for you as a man). Likewise you need to get out of the habit of projecting your biological feelings onto women as even if your 'values align' the way she comes to her conclusions are fundamentally different than the way you do. The reasons why this is the case are outlined in the videos we release on this channel- so please check our stuff out and leave your 2 cents!!

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