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Mission     Published: 2020-02-23T16:44:53.000Z
Never qualify yourself sexually. Promoting the individual man to choose the path that is best for him (MGTOW)

In this video I discuss two concepts that are very important for your day to day life and then launch a skud missile of truth bombs that hopefully will start some men off on a philosophical journey of self discovery.

To expand further on the concepts of this video:


When someone discredits your concept or opinion of female nature and sexuality (that is not in line with the feminine mainstream narrative) by claiming you only have that opinion because you ''can't get laid'' this is called an argument from authority.

The trap is you will then try to qualify how good you are with women. You cannot win this gambit because either:

A: You really do suck with women and don't know what you are talking about.
B: You are good with women and by qualifying yourself you just look like a d-bag that's bragging about his sexual exploits.

This concept in relation with male ego and the natural disposition of men to supplicate to women is the CORE REASON that knowledge in this field is so poor, incorrect and misguided... It's also the explanation as to why true experts in the field of inter-gender dynamics do not exist.

For practical purposes this is why unlikely guys get propped up as thought leaders in this area like personal trainers living in Southern California (shout out to Greg Adams). And conversely why upper-education is filled with individuals that are entirely (and pro-actively) corrupted and incompetent on these issues.


This is a novel concept that will help you as you seek to expand your knowledge by genuinely seeking feedback from others.

Two concepts are important here:

A: People determine what is worth conceptualizing based on if they can eat it, f**k it or if it is going to kill them. This is why anxiety is such a powerful tool and why titles and thumbnails are designed to trigger this response in you to get clicks (see this channel and all the other popular ones)

B: In order to get people to consider your ideas you need to propose an equitable exchange of opinions. Ie: if you think about my opinion and respond I will think about your opinion and respond. Rather than just preaching to dudes about your redpill perspective.

Hope that helps guys!

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