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"At the same time we knew that trying to present some grand plan would not work. We both knew too much about the Men's Movement on the internet and knew that no man would ever follow or join any major traditional movement." 

The mirror was launched in late 2017 in response to Youtube's interest in removing manosphere related channels. The idea was to backup content before Youtube could delete it.

In 2018 Zeitgeist Eater was contacted by someone named "Iron John". There was a request for an online interview (voice only). After speaking with Iron John a referral to a fellow named "Solaris" was made.

What I (Zeitgeist Eater) didn't know at the time was Solaris was one of the original MGTOW founders. I received an award from them for my contributions that year (link and link). It was only afterward I found out who they actually were... by complete accident. Here I was backing up years worth of content, working to gain the support of prominent authors, and all the while a genesis-founder was already speaking with me.

Solaris is a class act and the talks with him were always insightful. I had the opportunity to quiz him on some hot button issues and share my thoughts/videos to get his take on things. I had concern my ideas were in some way harming the movement. He didn't seem to think so.

Before his retirement he made a request of me. That request was to preserve the original MGTOW founding documents. The rest of this page (above and below) are the original words of the original founding documents. The only modifcations made were modernization of the styles and removal of dead links. You may see the original version (1999 Angelfire style) here.

These documents may seem primitive in places and potent in others. Whatever your opinion of them, I believe it is important to know where we came from on the path to where we are now.

You will see references to "Mr. Orange" and "Mr. White" in the sections that follow. Solaris is one of those misters.

He believed as I did that the bodies of information should be preserved for men of the future with a preference toward decentralized distribution. This page stands in honor of his request.

Is it a cult? An airplane spotters website? Some new Tea Party type movement?...

No, it is none of those things.

MGTOW began as a result of XYZ, a very popular Men's Rights, or MRA, forum being erased 3 separate times from 2000 to 2003. Some of the members were weary of having a resource created, populated with information and links that other people could use, and then having that resource destroyed, over and over and over. This site has now abandoned all MRA content and the links to the MRA content, internal and external, on the current version of the site are all dead.

Several people who were members of the XYZ Forum created a secret forum (one we shall not disclose) and recruited members from other forums to their new, anonymous location. Several of them set up a time for a meeting, and two (Mr. White and Mr. Orange) showed up at bar in 2003.

They sampled many of the fine ales and lagers and created the idea of a decentralized, non-political movement that would support men and their choices in the face of widespread scorn, indifference and hostility. The next day they met at Mr. Orange's hotel suite and fleshed out the idea some more, sketched a logo, and a framework of sorts. Since it began as a decentralized 'organization' it has no leader, no official message board, no website (although many have websites and forums that support it's ideals), there is no 'there, there' to organize, attack, censor, eliminate or shame into submission.

It is everywhere and nowhere.

We decided to place this simple webpage as a marker to the MGTOW concept, as most online Wiki's and other member-edited content-based sites will not allow the posting of its message.

If you wish to discuss the MGTOW Philosophy, its means, goals and intentions, please log on to our forum website (dead link).

{Mr. White speaking}: So Mr. Pink he funded the secret forum, it existed for a year or so as we planned the creation of MGTOW. Then Mr. Orange and Mr. White met for a secret conference in an undisclosed location presented our draft to the secret forum members and behold...MGTOW was created. We had another site called "XXX" as well that was the public one to extract members to the secret forum, as well as recruit from XXX' s forum Mr. Brown knows this as well, we recruited him, also Mr. Blue was recruited from his own site. So from the secret forum we took MGTOW public to Mr. Blue's forum and XXX's via Mr. Orange mainly.

We had about 70 members in the secret forum Mr. White we would just recruit them from other forums no, the secret forum no longer exists

Mr. Orange, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Pink and myself - the founders really

It was in the planning after the XXX forum collapsed about 2003 or early 2004, Mr. Orange and Mr. White met to formulize it and so on and so forth. Mr. Orange invented the Roadsign as well - it was presented on the secret forum and approved.

Mr. Orange: "We cannot put any political items on the list. No matter how much I'd like to promote some ideas."

Mr. White: "No that would make the whole thing into a rightwing-leftwing matter."

{Mr. Orange speaking}: Maybe I ought to comment a little. The meeting between Mr. White and Mr. Orange actually started as a sort of a MRA congress suggested on another site. Mr. White and Mr. Orange ended up being the only ones there and we had a great time. We both wanted to come up with something, so the meeting would have a result. At the same time we knew that trying to present some grand plan would not work. We both knew too much about the Men's Movement on the internet and knew that no man would ever follow or join any major traditional movement.

So we had dinner and talked, took a cab to a place famous for it's beers, and worked our way through their beer list - more or less, while talking about the men's movement and what information we have read on the various forums - the XXX burndown and so on, and got pretty loaded. Time passed so fast, but we decided to have a conference the next morning and meet in the suite Mr. White rented.

The next morning we continued like the evening before - in a very good mood - there was so much to talk about, and I can bullshit for days if need be...then Mr. White put the hammer down;

Mr. White: "We need to get down to business!"

Mr. Orange: "Sure!"

Mr. White: "We need to instill masculinity in men!"

Mr. Orange: "Let that be the first point and then we must demand femininity of women!"

Mr. White: "Who gives a **** about women!"

Mr. Orange: "It's the logical consequence of instilling masculinity in men."

Mr. White: "There must be a serious business like approach to this, like selling a product and this is our product!"

Mr. White started to put the items on paper...

Mr. Orange: "We cannot put any political items on the list. No matter how much I'd like to promote some ideas."

Mr. White: "No that would make the whole thing into a rightwing-leftwing matter. Let's continue with some subpoints to each main point and go from there."

{Mr. Orange speaking}: It's only the beginning of the meeting I can recall that clearly. What follows is a lot of talk, suggesting and disregarding a lot of other things. These are the notes Mr. White wrote!

MGTOW Original Notes

The last items of the meeting, were the name of the product and a possible sign or logo. We discussed some ideas and decided to postpone the logo and see what came up.

The name! Only a few men want to join a movement. The internet is so diffuse when it comes to reality, everybody is just going their own way. Hmmm . . . we might use that, call it WAY OUT or GOING YOUR OWN WAY or something like it. (The term men going their own way - MGTOW - was actually first used by Mr. Blonde.) The meeting basicly ended here and I promised to type Mr. White's notes and post them.

After having posted the WAY OUT 'product' nothing really happened for a long time. Mr. White and Mr. Orange emailed each other a few times about the lack of response. Slowly a few men started to comment and discuss, some of them liked the idea but had a lot of additions and changes to suggest. Mr. White and Mr. Orange decided to stand firm on not diluting it but keeping it to the original basics and avoid pulling it to the left or to the right politically. In the mean time I could not help but ponder about a logo.

These are Mr. Orange's scriblings about the logo:

MGTOW Logo Doodles

MGTOW is not a philosophy, or an "-ism", but rather an evolving consciousness and way of looking at the world.

{Mr. Orange speaking}: Fortunately I knew someone who worked in advertising and public relations for a major company - can't tell you which, he is very sensitive about getting involved in this because of the feminization of all workplaces where he lives. Anyway he gave me some input about using a simple logo, something people would think they recognise although it doesn't really exist, except as our logo. We didn't need to bother about copyright if we do not try to copyright it ourselves.

Something like this sign could be used:

MGTOW Exit Sign

It's everywhere!

Then I got the roadsign idea after looking at a number of signs and made a crude design like the one we got today. Of course I was aware of the connotations, but, what the heck, we are MEN and I refuse to be ashamed about that! If women find this abusive, then I will answer: 'We will abuse you - by your own definition - because this is how we are. The only way to stop this kind of abuse is to drop your stupid definition of abuse.' Well that's how the logo came to be. A lot of men here have refined it and made their own versions, which are really fine.

The same goes for the MGTOW manifesto. If you do not like it, then make your own, but remember the version we have today has been worked upon and refined by many of the best MRA minds. So don't blame Mr. White and me for everything, a lot of men have been involved.

MGTOW is not a philosophy, or an "-ism", but rather an evolving consciousness and way of looking at the world. Unlike the lockstep and dogma of so many contemporary movements, MGTOW is entirely individualistic, even though many men may arrive at the same conclusions from having observed the same phenomena.

Tuesday, 09 May 2006


The goal is to instill masculinity in men, femininity in women, and work toward limited government!

By instilling masculinity in men, we make men self-reliant, proud, and independent.

By instilling femininity in women, we make them nurturing, supporting, and responsible.

By working for a limited government, we are working for freedom and justice.

Women having other qualities is not interesting to men because we don't need them! Femininity will be the price women pay for enjoying masculinity in men!

This is the aim of "Men Going Their Own Way".

By holding this point of view, we are helping other men and, more importantly, we are helping boys grow up to become men.

This goal is to take away everyone's "right" to vote on other people's affairs thus rendering it impossible for political organisms and ideologies to impose their personal will on everyone else. It is not about reinstalling patriarchy or revoking female voting rights or making socialism illegal. It might have this as a side effect - but not directly and not as a political ideology. Only the future will show what happens and by going our own way we are preparing men and boys for that future.

It is important for men to have a practical approach to implementing our strategies.

We have three main strategies:

1. Instilling masculinity in Men by:

  • Demanding respect for men.
  • Serving as good male role models.
  • Living independent lives.
  • Fighting chivalry.

2. Instilling femininity in Women:

We will hold women equally accountable to men and ignore and shun those who refuse to take any responsibility for their own circumstances. Thus we induce women to take a complementary position with men instead of a competitive position as is now the case.

Feminine qualities we want from Women:

  • Being a Nurturer.
  • Being Supportive.
  • Being Responsible.
  • Being Respectful.
  • Being Honest.

3. Limited government:

In order to be independent of society, and live within it, while at the same time work for limiting governmental influence upon our daily lives, men will:

  • Go Their Own Way.
  • Support other men.
  • Legally reduce any taxpaying.
  • Truthfully act out any duties in accordance with their conscience.
  • Use any of their rights to the benefit of other men as well as themselves.

It is those three strategies - Instilling masculinity in Men, instilling femininity in Women, and a limited government -- that come together and become one.

Every man supporting this idea is welcome to use the logo in this or similar contexts.

What we do as activism or the way we behave personally are the main tactics.

  • Use of a logo which symbolizes the strategy.
  • Run one or more web-sites and forums that promotes this.
  • Run one or more web-sites which tells the truth about feminism.
  • Provide stickers, T-shirts, etc., with various statements such as "Chivalry is dead!".
  • Writing articles supporting our product.
  • Producing music promoting our product.
  • Hold international events and local meetings.
  • Establishing men's clubs.
  • Boycotting certain products.

You will basically be alone doing this. There is no organization supporting you. You just go your own way and do what you believe is right. You are never obligated beyond your own conscience. True masculinity is also about accepting the rights of other men and not letting them down for any short term personal benefits.

The men's movement does actually cover a much larger picture. By instilling masculinity in others, as well as yourself, you will actually be improving the lives of everyone, including women and children.


Take care brother!

The MGTOW logo:


In addition to respecting the privacy of all those involved in the creation of the MGTOW concept, logo and manifesto, the various forums wished to remain anonymous as well. MGTOW and its supporters tend to be looked upon with scorn by the Politically Correct segments of society - Leftists, bloggers, Feminists, those who wish to control the thoughts, speech and actions of others - and have encountered many dirty tricks campaigns over the past 15 years.

That is why all of the names have been changed, there are no links to the original content, and why the only 'real' name on the page is that of the author, yours truly.

All the best, The Author Emeritus